Internet Marketing

Are you searching for internet marketing companies to boost your online presence? Do you want to increase the return from your website? The answer should be YES! Well then you’ve found the right company. Qtech Media. focuses on all aspects of internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization, with one aim in mind – to bring you more quality traffic to your site and to increase the revenue it generates. In a nutshell we pride ourselves as being a high-quality, internet marketing company and we'd love to get involved in taking your business and website to the next level, hopefully all the way to the top! We've been in the internet marketing game for the last 3 years and we've teamed up with hundreds of Indian and international companies in that time, producing many success stories through the use of specialised internet marketing tools, software and strategies.

We specialize in all 6 areas of Internet Marketing:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The world is shaping into a global democracy and in the era of enlightenment, the view of the masses matter. Everything today is about G+, Links, Retweets and so on. Brand's acceptance over the social media counts. People today "vote" views, concepts, ideas, articles... and not just candidates. But are we using this facility available to the max? SEM is all about using search engines and social media to the most.

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

Our Comapny offers rock-solid, high-quality Search Engine Optimization services to ensure you high ranking search engine results. Intelligent search engine optimization is the first and most important step in any internet marketing campaign. Careful manipulation of your site’s coding and structure can yield massive gains in your Google rankings and dramatic increases in high-quality visitors. This is one of the important aspects that affects your non-paid Google position and can result in an influx of free traffic.On-site search engine optimization is an ongoing process of constantly reworking your site to allow it to be more accurately read and interpreted by Google’s automated webcrawler – the Googlebot. Most websites are designed with poor search engine optimization – we analyse and rectify these mistakes.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

A successful social media marketing (SMM) campaign will create masses of online hype about your business and its services or products. This type of marketing emulates the success of word-of-mouth campaigns yet nowadays this all takes place via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linked, Google Buzz, Digg, MySpace, StumbleUpon and many more social networking sites and systems.We have a dedicated social media marketing team and through many years of experience we can drive highly qualified visitors to your site via the social channels.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click (PPC) marketing is one of the most effective forms of internet marketing. Qtech Media. has a team of experienced and professional PPC optimizers, offering top quality services. Pay per click marketing relates to any online advertising where payment is, as the name says, per click. In other words you only pay when your ad is clicked and visitor is generated! This allows you to pay for only those who are interested in what you offer. Any prospective client that clicks your ad is already a highly qualified visitor to you site. As you can imagine, if you set your campaigns up correctly online marketing can lead to huge success stories. Qtech Media. has many years experience with both Google AdWords marketing and Facebook marketing. Allow us to set up and manage your PPC marketing campaigns whilst you sit back and reap the rewards.

Email Marketing

Newsletters are a superb way of reminding your clients or prospective clients that you exist and will get your products and services into their minds. Email campaigns are an integral part of internet marketing and can yield fantastic results. Creating an attractive and interesting newsletter is imperative to ensuring high returns. Qtech Media can assist with every phase of your newsletter management including: Design, Copywriting, Email database control, Emailing, Onsite publishing.

Web Analytics

Do you want to understand your site’s visitors? How many visitors do you get a month? Where are they coming from? What are they searching? What are they doing on your site? What services or products are they interested in? Where are they from? These are some of the more basic, yet important questions that good website stats can answer! Qtech Media has experience with many web stats systems, yet we currently focus on Google Analytics. It’s free, effective and extremely versatile and powerful. With advanced features such as event tracking, ecommerce, Google AdWords and AdSense integration, inbound link tagging, goals and conversion funnels the level of analysis is invaluable. Once the stats have been analysed they are used for future planning and evaluation.